• Rainbrows

      Now I know we’ve all been here, we’ve all wanted to be a unicorn! Now with these super fly rainbrows you can. It’s the love child between rainbow hair and funky lip shades, rainbrows are the new way to spice yourself up! All you need to do is use some bright eyeshadow and apply it to your eyebrows, with an eyebrow bush. If...
  • Top 5 Hair Instagram Accounts To Follow

    Top 5 Hair Instagram Accounts To Follow
    Top 5 Hair Instagram Accounts To Follow Hi Guys! Today I’m going to share with you who I feel the top 5 hair instagrammers are for you to follow. How many times have you spent 10 minutes (more like 10 hours) watching hair transformations on Instagram/Youtube? Can’t count? Thought so! Don’t worry we’re addicted here too at PrettyFashion.com so we thought we’d share with...
  • Looking the BOMB in BOMBERS!

    Looking the BOMB in BOMBERS!
    Looking the BOMB in BOMBERS! Bomber jackets are a must-have, there’s no denying it! – And if you’ve never owned the trendy piece what better reason to grab yourself one than Autumn! As the days are getting colder wrapping up warm can totally ruin a look you’re trying to achieve. However, simplistic bombers can be paired up with pretty much anything and you’ll still...
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