Eye makeup tutorials to make your life easier!


Struggling to make your winged eyeliner make you look like an angel? Then have a read and watch these awesome tutorials to make your eyes POP!

Obviously though you need to get some good eye shadows, eye liners and mascaras before you get started, so go out and get some (any excuse to go shopping ;) ).

Cat’s Eyes:

A classic technique, that goes with almost any look. However, if only it was as easy to pull off – well have a look at this tutorial and it will be! Watch Here

Bat Lashes!

Always struggling to get your fake lashes on? Never sticks on correctly, especially in those pesky corners?! Well fail no more! Check out this easy to do tutorial, and worry no more about them falling off! Watch here

Metallic Eyes

Metallics have been one of the hottest trends and its not going anywhere soon. To pull off strong metallic eye make up consider mixing gold and silver, or even coloured metallic eye shadows. Find out more in this Cover Girl Tutorial. Watch here

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